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The South West Lakes Trust have a range of fishing for brown and rainbow trout, some of it stocked and some of the wild fishing is free with an EA Licence. I’m a river man myself, but the sight of a reservoir surface boiling with rising fish is hard to resist.


What I had forgotten to take into account where the midges. I’ve often thought the landscape of the South West reminiscent of Scotland, and it seems where the water is still¬†we even have¬†the black curse of the midge.

Meldon Reservoir

I own insect repellent, I use it for my night expeditions for sea trout, but I left it at home. Still, if you can stand it there are some nice fish to be caught. Proving myself to be a total non-expert on Stillwater fly fishing I cast at the rises as you might to a river fish, waiting as long as I could for a take before moving down the bank away from the darkening cloud of tiny biting insects that gathered around me. They get everywhere. In your ears, up your nose, even inside your clothes.


The idea of free fishing is a fantastic one to someone who grew up in the South East, and I recommend it if you have a few hours to spare. Just make sure to pack the Jungle Formula.

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