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On the last day of the 2012 season a sea trout swam between my legs as I was concentrating on fishing a dry fly through a pool. Later on, I saw a pair jumping at the head of the same pool and ever since then I’ve wanted to catch one. As Friday night drifted into Saturday morning, I finally managed it.

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It’s been a long time in the making, especially as I started in April. I didn’t really expect to catch anything in April, but it seemed like a good idea to get used to fishing in the dark. Over the last couple of months I’ve got slowly better at that, and the reward is very much worth it. I’m still chuffed to bits.

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It is the hope and dream of many who tie their own fishing flies that one day they may produce a killer pattern of their own devising. That out of the jaws of their vice may come a new combination of fur and feather that proves an irresistible temptation to fish. This creation they would name in the knowledge that it will live on long after they have passed.

I can announce that I have achieved this dream. I give you The Pollock Fly.

Ahead of a late summer attempt to catch my first bass I tied up a ragged bunch of maribou winged flies. The Teign estuary is far stuffed with Bass, so the legend goes, but I fished two consecutive days and saw only two – both at the end of another angler’s line. I did however raise Pollock after Pollock after Pollock. And I’ll admit that in the emptiness of those bass-less days I was happy to see them. Every one of them came to the silver bodied, bead headed, red thoraxed creation above.

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