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Dart Double

Not, as you might expect, a double figure fish from the River Dart (though I wouldn’t say no). Instead, it’s two fish…


DSCF1368 One from the West Dart…

DSCF1358and the other from the East Dart, on the same day, with the same fly. I even found an especially sharp underwater rock to smash my leg into with all the grace of a drowning Wildebeest.

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Secrets and Flies is a new article, by me, in the Eat.Sleep.Fish ezine about fishing a secret trout stream with Pete Tyjas, the Devon School Of Fly Fishing legend. Please have a read if you’ve got time – the whole of Issue 17 has lots of good stuff in it, absolutely free.

DSCF0736 DSCF0739 DSCF0742

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