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In the last month I have moved house, from the seaside town of Dawlish to Dartmoor neighbouring Okehampton. As a result I no longer have sea views and the beach a few hundred metres from my front door. Instead I have moorland views and the River Okement. It’s an unplanned stroke of luck but the holiday cottage I’m living in until July happens to come with a bit of fishing on the river.

As all good fishermen know, reconnaissance is rarely wasted and with the start of the season on the Glorious 15th (March) reconnaissance is all I can do. This Saturday gone I took the car out on a mini tour of the Okement, including a stop at the castle which is probably the most striking section of the available river.

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In the summer the potential is there for a quick hour or two in the evening before supper.

Scouting is not the only thing the closed season is good for, the other obvious candidates are fly tying and casting practice. I’ve tied a lot of flies lately so when Pete at The Devon School of Fly Fishing suggested meeting up for a spot of casting at The Fox & Hounds I was very happy to grab the opportunity.

For the record, Pete is an excellent and patient instructor with a deep wealth of fishing knowledge exceeded only by his passion for the sport. And he’s not even paying me to say nice things about him. So if you happen to require a bit of instruction in Devon, or a guide for a days fishing on one of the local rivers, I strongly suggest you give him a call or drop him an email. If he can’t help you himself he’ll certainly point you in the right direction.

Pete has recently bought one of the new Sage rods, in the One Series. They seem to divide opinion a little but I find Sage rods suit my particular casting style and for me the One was a joy to cast. I’m not sure if I’d swap my TXL for it, but then I’m sure I could find room for both!

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Oh, it’s February already…

I’m sorry, I’ve been neglecting you. It’s just there’s been a lot going on, I’ve started a new job, moved house (losing internet connectivity in the process) and written an article for Eat.Sleep.Fish.

That’s right, I’m famous! Ok, not quite, but I’m still very pleased with it (and myself I suppose).

The best thing is Eat.Sleep.Fish. is a fantastic, free eZine run by angling legend Pete Tyjas. I strongly recommend you have a look, there’s some great writing over there (and I’m not just talking about myself of course).


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